Our love can't make a spark, when your heart's 20 below.

Hiya, sorry for the delay, but I went on a holiday without access to the outside world.
The evening before, though, I went to a punk rock show.

The Adjectives
started playing and they were pretty bad at the start, but then it got better. So that's alright! Cool songs about punk rock and girls. 2 cool things. They played a fairly decent set overall and I guess I'd like to see them again. Fun punk. Guitarist had a cape on, for whatever reason. Cool guys doing their very best!

The Dead 70's Show was way faster and actually pretty awesome. Some problems with vocal consistency, but besides that a tight set of rock'n'rolling punk rock. Plus, Manges-esque outfits!

The 20Belows from Denmark played a couple songs but I couldn't catch the whole set because I had to catch a bus to London. Super pity. They're a great band. Check out "For Better Days".

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