The proud, the few.

Yesterday I had my second and final resit exam (it went pretty good), so I was like “YEAHHHHH LET’S DRINK BEER AND GO TO THE PUNK ROCK SHOW!”. So that’s what I did.

I’ve been at the Rock Café a whole bunch of times now, and that’s great because that means the Leuven music scene is doing pretty good! So I thought… The place wasn’t exactly packed. Okay, it was a Monday night, but it started on time and ended on time. There was the fun fair going on but that  couldn’t be an excuse to not go to the show. On top of that, it was free, so where was everybody?
I actually counted the people who were watching SOEY’s show (the headlining band), and the number was a mere 10. That breaks my heart. What the fuck you guys.
First up was Kitty Magnet, a local rock n roll band (Aarschot area). They were pretty cool. I like my rock’n’roll fix once in a while. It was pretty bad-ass and reminded my of Sex Bobomb (the fictional band in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). According to themselves, they play “some serious throat scraping rock’n’roll”. Can’t argue with that. Rhythmically driven by tight drums and rumbling bass, melodicized by sexy guitar riffs and bluesy solos. Good stuff, it doesn’t have tob e punk rock all the time.

Next up was Generation 84. I wasn’t really aware they were going to play this show, so that was a cool 'surprise'. Cool show, as usual. Can’t really say much anymore, I’ve seen them a fair number of times, which means they’re ‘good busy’, alright. Good show, a lot of energy, but a tough/small crowd.
I think I like Break Of Day (Teun’s other band) better but Kenny from RMP doesn’t. It’s totally up to you, though.

The last band was SOEY from Austria, who play catchy punk rock. Straight up. Really fun show, they were feeling it, the crowd was… well, the crowd was small but I think the people present were liking it. I almost danced, but I wasn’t drunk enough to embarrass myself. Not that dancing is embarrassing, I’m just to shy to get wild on my own. Anyway, these guys (a pretty young band I think) were doing their shit the right way, super nice guys and they definitely deserve more attention. So check ‘em out! They have a new album out, called Headwind. It’s probably pretty good, I failed to pick it up because I forgot, really.

So yeah, kids: don’t start a band.

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