Not so teenage anymore

Also recently, another one of the best contemporary pop punk bands around released a new EP. The world-class band Teenage Bottlerocket put out Mutilate Me, of which the title track already amazed me. Now let's check out the rest.

Fat Wreck Chords, 2011

1. Mutilate Me
2. Punk House Of Horror
3. Henchmen

Well, Mutilate Me definitely stands out as a classic TBR song. Incredibly catchy, it makes you sing along about some sado-masochistic fetish without getting you uncomfortable! That's the power of good music. The next songs seem b-sides rather than EP material. Not bad, but Punk House Of Horror is basicly a late Lillingtons song (maybe sped up a bit) and the tempo change in Henchmen rather weirds me out than to appeal. Sounds like an early Offspring song. (EDIT: Haha, just found it's actually a Bad Religion cover. Makes sense. I should have known that!) To be honest, I had greater expectations for this new material than were delivered.

Nevertheless, this is really really really really one of the coolest bands around, deserve all the attention they get, being on Fat, touring with NOFX and all that jazz! Also on European tour right motherfucking now, this Saturday at Groezrock, main stage, pretty early (12 o'clock-ish). Get this EP anyway along with the reissue of Another Way (great record, finally taken care of in a descent way) and their hit albums Total, Warning Device and They Came From the Shadows.

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