Dear Dopamine

Two of my favourite contemporary pop punk bands have released a split 7". They go by the names The Dopamines and Dear Landlord.

Paper + Plastick, 2011

The Dopamines:
01. Douglas Bubbletrousers
02. Heads Up Dusters

Dear Landlord:
03. Neighbors
04. A Little Left

It seems that the Dopamines have actually taken a bit back from their last album. Still catchy, but less overwhelmingly powerful. Nevertheless they deliver 2 superpar songs that once again remind people that the Dopadudes aren't a Copyrights rip-off but a geniusly good band. Great compositions, only the vocals are less convincing.

Dear Landlord surprise on their side by lack of any intro - which actually isn't a surprise for anyone who still remembers Dream Homes. I'm really glad to finally hear soms new songs recorded, and I'm excited they sound equally as good as everything they've done before. Same themes, different hooks. I think I've heard A Little Left live before, but I'm not entirely sure. I remember a song starting 'slowly' and then booming into pure punk rock genius. Could be this one.

Anyway, Dear Landlord are on a European tour right now, they play Belgium at the Groezrock festival this Saturday. Be sure to check them out, they play really early but they're really good. Pick this up! (Along with their other records, if you haven't already.)
The Dopamines should definitely tour Europe as soon as possible and do like 7 shows in Belgium. Maybe 6, as I'd have to work on Saturdays.

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