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So, there was this band called For Science, from new Jersey I think. They split up in 2008 I think. I'm not entirely sure on a lot of facts about them, but I do know they have grown on me as one of my absolute favourite bands.
I did a short review in the magazine, which went something like this:
Their second album, 'Tomorrow's Just Another Day' is probably one of my favourite albums, and it should be one of yours too, but their debut is absolutely worth mentioning. For Science is in the same league as the Ergs! as far as I'm concerned, but around here in Europe, they get way less attention and exposure, which is a shame. Fast, melodic, original pop punk with 'acquired taste' vocals, I guess. Once you get used to it, you'll surely find it great. Mostly songs about movie stars and heartbreaks on this album. Less diverse than their sophomore album, but it gets the "repeat button seal of approval" alright. They split up.
Oddly enough, the first record I got by For Science was their EP Way Out Of Control, but that never got much spins on the stereo. So today I decided to jam things up a bit and repeat the shit out of this EP.

 It's Alive Records, 2007

1. Swan Song
2. Soledad
3. Just Pray
4. The Rides
5. Leaving New Brunswick
6. Swimming Around Fighting Frowns
7. Way Out Of Control
8. Salutations

It's pop punk. What did you expect? 8 songs, 13 minutes, no mucking about. For Science keeps things interesting with everything they released. A lot of experimenting going on on this EP, vocally especialy, and additionally some sound effects and some instrumental arrangements you wouldn't expect.
It starts off with some feedback and it kicks right into one hell of a catchy riff. Hard to not move. Singing starts. Incredibly hoarse but powerful on its own as well, definitely one of my favourite aspect about the band, but this is probably something personal. I think it transfers great emotion, which I can really dig in a band. Soledad is a good example. Also, as with every For Science record, Mikey Erg does some backing vocals. Why wouldn't he?
Track 3 slows the record down a bit but doesn't drag on, so it doesn't get boring in the least. The Rides takes you on a ride to For-Scienceville, a place full of superrapid drums, deeply mixed vocals, fast and groovy guitar/bass, some shouting and an occasional rhythmic variation. It goes in a similar fashion, each song hiding more secrets than you can imagine.
Overall, great EP in fact, similar to their other work but no copy, and it's refreshing on its own. It's way out of control, crazy and fun songwriting played by great artists with integrity for the music. Not really scientific, just amusing.

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