Apologies, j'ai pas

There are bands that have 10 albums out and been around for 20 years that I haven't seen once in my life. Then there's Apologies, I Have None. They just have a new EP out since their debut album London and I've seen them play 15 times maybe. I've lost count. Doesn't matter. Either they're insane or I am. I don't know.
They played Leuven's Rockcafé for the third time I think. The first time was one of the funnest shows I went to. I missed the second time. I was gonna miss the show yesterday as well but I unexpectedly got off work and Max Lasagne hooked me up with a spot on the reservations list. Much love, much obliged. Apparently like 10 people who reserved a spot didn't show up, that's pretty lame, but okay. Time to party.

Harsh Realms opened up. They're just so ruddy good. New songs sound promising, and the new full length is coming out on Shield so that's a guarantee it's gonna be a banger. Anyway, great show, great Bouncing Souls cover and they have a new split 7" out so check it out!

Next up was the Lowest Standard, another bunch of Dutch people. Good band but too slow and too safe. Not really my vibe.

Apologies, I Have None just flippin' killed it. The new songs don't translate as well as the jams from London, but they fit in very well in the set. Two Bombs In A Box and Coffee, Alcohol, Codeine, Repeat definitely do their job in the live setting, moreso than on record. The energy is higher. They intertwined beautifully witht he other songs. Great set, went on pretty long I reckon, but it didn't necessarily bother me so that's a good sign. Lotsa dancing of all sorts, singing along to the tunes and wrecking the place just a tad.
Crowd was excited, the place was nicely filled but not too packed, v. hot and steamy and everyone was having a wee fun time on an otherwise regular Wednesday night.

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