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You know, how sometimes you're like "eh..." and then you decide to get out and you're all "yeah!". Well, I had such a yeah-Erlebnis last Friday. Eglantier basement show. Always the best ones.

It started out with a French band called Sevices. Powerviolence/hardcore. Fast, pissed, all that stuff. Sounded good. I wasn't blown away, but I was enjoying it quite a bit.

Wrong Decision, from the other side of our Belgian language barrier, came to Antwerp to rock out with their mosh out. Hard and heavy old school hardcore with an attitude. Pretty cool, not really into it but I can assume people would dig this a lot.

Another French band, from Lille to be precise, was Anxiety Attack. Short, fast hardcore bursts. I missed the beginning but the sounds coming from the basement lured me downstairs, in time to see them play some rad songs and some Surf Nazis Must Die covers, which is definitely applaudable. I Am Angry, what an incredible song. Anyway, really liked it, bought the new EP, it's cool.

Imaginary Dictionary closed off the show. One of my favourite current hardcore bands. Stijn Reproach on vocals because the usual guy was still somewhere halfway around the world. Such a fucking energetic, fast, angry band with the right amount of party-inclination. Rad. Great show,

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