In Dawgs We Trust

My friends who create the In Dogs We Trust zine set up a fest a while ago, aptly called In Dogs We Trust fest. 5 bands, cool venue, DIY attitude and a bunch of drinks.

Korst opened up the night. Theit setup was just a bass and a drum if I remember correctly, but they made it sound angry, angsty and feisty. Cool band, better than expected. The Misfits cover was kinda underwhelming though. Couple of rad riffs, I'm excited about this.

VVovnds delivered. Still need to check their new material from their AmenRa split, but it's a live bombshell waiting to happen. Chaotic, extravagant and fucking angry.

Clean Shirts played a rad set of early-80s Descendents/Minor Threat influenced hardcore jams. Very enjoyable, I almost danced a bit.
After they were done and Petit had told me they soundchecked with Carry On's Off My Chest I went up to them and drunkenly told them they should play that cover again. So they asked me to sing it, but I don"'t know the lyrics either so I'm guessing it was as awful to the audience as I though it was. Hehe.

Cheap Drugs tore it apart.

Toxic Shock rules.

Awesome night, best of people, best of bands.

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