Dads, why won't they shut up? Dads, they're so fucked up.

The were 3 pretty cool shows on Sunday. Possibly more. On a SUNDAY. All within reach. Antwerp had hardcore/punk covered with Left In Ruins and This Routine Is Hell. Leuven was picking it up picking it up picking it up with a JB Conspiracy headlining show and Ari/Boomboy afterparty. And Mechelen was representing the sadder side of things with some emo by putting on Dads.
I ended up going to Mechelen because of reasons. Band I'd never seen before, possibly good, convenient location, not much trouble.

I had to see Solstice, though. I'm not too big on them. They use unnecessary backing tracks sometimes and I'm generally not stoked on their style of punk rock (pop punk?). They're not bad, per say, but not my cup of tea, per say.

Dads were pretty cool. For some reason I had expected a major twinkle-emo band but they weren't like that at all. Just a guitar player with an insane amount of pedal gear ammo and a drummer with the right amount of awkwardness. They're a pretty popular band in whatever scene they adhere to. They're good. Probably have good lyrics. Sometimes noisy. Kinda like 1994!. Actually, they were a lot like 1994!. Hmm, that's cool.

Cool show. I don't know if I made the right decision. I couldn't hang  with Pie and Sammy in Antwerp, neither with Wouter and Ari in Leuven. But I hung out with Petit and Stijn in Mechelen and got a free beer so that's good.

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