AB? More like AGAY!

So I went to 2 shows in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, one on Sunday and one on Monday.

On Sunday The Bronx and The Hives were playing. Obviously, sick line-up, both amazing shows.
I wasn't really overwhelmed by The Bronx but they played a great show, with a great variety of songs, although mostly new ones. The banter was kinda annoying though.
Now, The Hives play the most danceable music ever so it's really fun. Their singer is known for his banter and it was less annoying than the Bronx' but in a way also more annoying but not pretentious. Weird, I know.
Musically, both acts shredded the audience to bits. In a good way. Loved the shows.

Monday it was Crystal Castles. One of the few electronic acts I, and many fans of punk/hardcore I think, can really enjoy. Perhaps because the music is walking a thin line between dance-y and aggressive. Amazing show, the set was amazing, the lighting was great, Alice was in great shape and it's always nice to see a live drummer. Ethan's renditions of the songs mainly stuck to the album versions, expect for probably their most famous song, Alice Practive (I think it was that one, not entirely sure), it was all weird but cool.

Now, if you follow this blog or you know me (probably/hopefully both), you know I'm not a fan of the AB.
One reason is not related to the AB itself. It's just the fact I don't like being in large venues. There's too many people and the whole edge of a rock show gets lost. All of the 'festival'people come out and either they act stupid or there's just too many for me to properly enjoy a show in a way I like to enjoy a show.
At the Bronx/Hives show there were a lot of smelly people. I don't know why, but that was the case. I personally smelled it.
At the Crystal Castles show, I was in the direct vicinity of 2 'Snooki"'s. Two girls of under-average height, intoxicated, dancing all extravagantly, taking pictures of themselves etc. One of them was even turned to the other side of the venue for half of the show. That's just silly. I respect people having fun in their own way, but it kinda bothered me.

Other reasons are mostly due to the AB policy itself. Expensive drinks, expensive tickets and mostly additional ticket services, ...

Pros are mainly good sound/acoustics, free toilets (at least nowadays...) and it's not too difficult to reach.

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