Monster Zero Mish-Mash

Things I have become at the Monster Zero Mash 2013 in Innsbruck:

- incredibly drunk
- pretty badly injured
- a complete fucking moron
- an object of general concern
- a bonehead
- a thief
- a laughing stock
- an even bigger pop punk fanatic

In short, I (got) really fucked up but I managed to see amazing bands as there are (dutchism):

- The Bat Bites. oh man, the motherfucking Bat Bites
- The Apers, playing Reanimate My Heart in its entirity
- Maladroit, what a good fucking band
- DeeCracks who played no less than THREE MUGWUMPS SONGS WITH CHRIS MUGWUMP and also a great set of their own
- The Priceduifkes, best band
- The Murderburgers who shouted a lot of HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY
- The Ponches. tight band, lotsa Italians
- Teenage Bubblegums. fastest band around I think.
- Zatopeks. well yeah, some parts of it.
- I missed the Sex Toys and Tough.

So yeah, punk rock show whoa oh oh

Perhaps I'l write a better report of the trip in the next zine.

Who knows.

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