"What's Up Ieperfest?" (3/3)

The last day of the fest had broken on (dutchism) and I was kinda hungover. It was alright though, I guess I slept it off. Only problem: my tent was about as far away from the toilets as possiblez, so the morning walks sucked.

On the fest-site I met up again with my West-Vlaanderen buds who were not feeling well, and also my Leuven buds, who were as fresh as Vinny in Season 4 of the Jersey Shore. Anyway, The Cold Harbour slayed. Really cool band. Also amazingcore, I guess. But I was mostly stoked to see A Strength Within rip up the second stage. And they did. These guys are all about hardcore and work incredibly hard. They just came back from a 16-day-or-so tour and ended  it right there and then. It was an awesome show. Kudos!
Naysayer/Brutality Will Prevail were too late, they ended up playing a 1°-minute set each during Cattle Decapitation I think. Anyway, The Death Of Anna Karina played the marquee and that sounded real cool. Italian screamoband.
Deformity didn't hold my interest, neither did Cruel Hand. Toxic Holocaust was alright, second time I saw 'em. They thrash hard. Which is cool. Real cool.
7 Seconds were one of the highlights of the weekend. Real old guys but with the same spirit as in the eighties. Of course, what would you expect from the dudes that wrote "Young Till I Die"? Cool setlist, it's obvious the guys are getting a tad older but they ripped it through, played some classics and some non-classics. Also a decent 99 Red Balloons cover, which wasn't necessary in my opinion but alright. Greta show.
Deez Nuts, on the other hand, played a pretty lousy show I think. I mean, I Hustle Everyday is one of my extremely guilty pleasures, and I like how the band is just about partying and stuff, but the show was pretty bad, period.
Walked past what apparently was Naysayer, but went to see Cattle Decapitation, which was cool.
Terror is not mah thang. Set Your Goals started out alright but 3 songs in it was pretty bad. Crowbar was pretty boring.
Rise And Fall played a great show. It had been a while since I've seen them, so that was cool. They were on tour with Converge, who played an alright set, but it seemed pretty slow to me. The vibe was very different than what I had expected, but okay. Great musicians, near-legends and stuff.
Darkest Hour quickly put down the best show in the entire weekend and Bolt Thrower is metal and that's cool. Apparently a naked guy stagedived but I was shitting on the toilet at that moment so I missed it.

Didn't feel like staying up late so I went to bed to wallow in sadness and despair. Got up early and mixed up trains so the trip took a bit longer than expected. Glad I was home.

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