(funny play on words with 'ska')

End of July. Remember that? That was a long time ago. Anyway, just updating way too late, but I wanne plug these bands for a second.

2) This was a show by RDR-booking, who completely rule. Support by going to their -most of the times free- shows!

Clepto opened. Wack shit. Metal, punk, hardcoire, gypsy, ska, something. Also pirated. Saudi-Arabian Canadians. Shit's wack, yo.

Victims Of Circumstance are a ska band. It's been a while since I've heard a great ska band, but these guys seemed to hit the spot. I guess they're kinda big as well? I don't know, they have a wikipedia page, so that means something, no? Anyway, great show, really enjoyed it! Danced a bit, ya know?

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