"What's Up Ieperfest?" (2/3)

After a lousy night's sleep, which is common thing in a small tent, I got up at like, 9 am. Went to the local market and the supermarket, got some beers and some other supplies. Great way to start the day. I also had a great 'smoske' in Ieper city.

Back at the fest things were starting to get loud. The first band I watched was Truth And Its Burden, a South-African metalcore band. I kinda dug it. It was cool. The guys were really appreciative of their opportunity to play and they put down a solid set. Whoo!
Then I took a break, strolling around the distrotent, more than music tent and beveragestent and generally hanging, buying record, buying beers and having fun. Until Cornered came on stage. NLHC, fuck off. Cool set. I laughed my ass off at "There's too many French people here." and "Yeah!... veganism... animal rights..." Angry guys with nothing to lose. Coolness!
Then it was sad guys with nothing to prove. Pianos Become The Teeth put on an awesome show. Post-something inspired hardcore. By the way, have you heard of this term "amazingcore"? Apparently it's like those hardcoreband that psuedo-hardcore people (like me!) think are "amazing" and sincere, and nice people. Like those melodic hardcore bands that regular hardcore fans don't care about. Anyway, I don't think Pianos fits that perfectly, but perhaps they're kind of an amazingcore band. Also I really like that nomenclature. It's funny.
TRC wasn't good. Nope. Didn't care for Reign Supreme, and not really for MxPx either but since I know their songs I decided to go dance a bit. Also it's pop punk and I like pop punk. I was probably wearing a pop punk t-shirt and everybody at the fest was probably like "oh, geez, a pop punk dude". Or probably not. Anyway, fun times, some hits, some shits. The show in itself was okay.
Didn't see anything until Trapped Under Ice, who were hardcore. That's all I know. Mosh stuff and stuff.
Fell asleep again at around 6 pm. I'm unbelievable. Woke up halfway through Eyehategod, bummed cause I wanted to see them. I also kinda wanted to see the Black Dahlia Murder, because of reasons. But I didn't, because of sleepytime.
Ignite was alright. Not a huge fan. I was actually delighted Zoli couldn't make it on the tour and the Sense Field singer replaced. Kinda the same thing minus the hour-long speeches. Those guys are really old but they can still rock out (also see: 7 Seconds/do not see: Agnostic Front).
Pig Destroyer was destroying and I don't give the slightest fuck about Sick Of It All, really. (Although I admit I sang along to Built To Last.) Food and drinks were good, though. Hangouts too.

Partying ensued once again. Wack night. Some dude came about with his (girl)friend who was totally wasted which was funny but also awkward. He was talking weird and had Here Comes The Kraken mosh shorts. It kinda made me want to buy Parkway Drive mosh shorts the next day but I didn't cause I figured they wouldn't be worth it. It would be fun though. Might consider it again.
Also hung out with French dudes who were real cool but I don't really know why.

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