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The new Lintfabriek is in JH Karick in Kontich. Quite a long walk from the station. But that's alright, the only thing that sucks is that there's not a single snackbar or pitabar or pizzeria on the way.
It's a cool location though, right in between the fields, surrounded by pretty much nothing, away from pretty much anything.

One thing I hate about shows is that they pretty much always have delays. It's understandable, but I hate it. Mostly because I'm dependent on trains and other public transport and I calculate if I can get home or not.
This Friday's show in Lintfabriek had an initial delay of about an hour after the officially set time. So I got pretty nervous, but everything turned out fine.
Unfortunately once again a low turn-out. People should get out more, and not only for the festivals.

First show was by All Seemed Lost, a band from the Netherlands that play hardcore. Fast, angry. Some breakdowns. Some backing vocals. Nothing too special. Got me headnodding, but that's about it.

Next up was recent upcoming band Not Afraid, with members of Justice and True Colors, both pretty popular Antwerp youthcrew/posicore bands who broke up some time ago. Not Afraid is consequently similarly in style, with shredding guitar riffs, positive lyrics, fast drums and thrusting bass. They were pretty  great so I bought their 7".

Then Soul Control took the stage. I wanted to see them on this tour and this was my only opportunity so I took it. I really like them. It was their first show on the tour I think. At the start they seemedly had to get into it, because it all sounded a bit flat, but later on they started to kick ass like they did 2 years ago (from what I remember). I heard someone say that they were awesome, and that was exactly my reaction when I saw them for the first time. They have a different drummer now I think. The bass player still didn't face the crowd during the show. They have a new 7" out, and the new songs sound really cool. Check it out. Played a solid set, groovy tunes, tight drumming. The sound really depended on where you were standing, unfortunately I only noticed this at the end of the show so I didn't get too much of the vocals through.
Anyway, awesome band, check 'em out on Vlamrock, Break Out Fest and Ieperfest!

Same for Ritual, check them out as well. They're on tour with Soul Control.
I've seen them a couple times, but not since their new album. They started off with a couple new ones and they are good. Really good. Awesome band, one of Europe's finest. Unfortunately, as I've mentioned, I had a train to catch and the venue was a 20-30 minute walk from the station so I only saw 15 minutes of Ritual's set. But I was happy I saw them while it lasted.
As I walked away through the fields I could still hear them play and I realized it really is a cool location. Hardcore in the middle of nowhere. Awesome.

Strength Approach also played but I had never heard them and was on my way back home already. I'm sure they're pretty good as well.

I am reborn.

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