Every night on tour I sleep with different girls.

There's a Lemuria/Cheap Girls tour going on and yesterday they played in Mechelen, at Metteko. They'll play Vlamrock and Ieperfest as well. Jolly.
The show was supposed to start at 19h15, but at that point I think there were only 5 people besides the bands. Sucks. Generally not many people showed up, actually. Maybe because they have festival dates as well. Also, punk rock isn't all that popular there I think, I bet any hardcore show there would be packed. But no worries, we could still have fun.

Apologies, I Have None. That was the first band to come on stage and rock out. They did rock out. They do punk rock/emo like Taking Back Sunday or Knapsack or something. The line-up, the harmonies and the switching vocals reminded me of a British emo version of the Copyrights. Yeah, silly, right? Anyway, they were really good, despite a weak crowd they put a lot of energy and all that in their show. Passion, perhaps. Great riffs and melodies, fun to watch, overall good score. I tried to buy a 7" but they were sold out, so that's a good thing I guess. It was their last day on tour, so that's one less thing they have to drag home. A shame I haven't got one though.

Arizona did about 17 soundchecks, which isn't very punk but that's okay. They played songs that were probably good but it wasn't my cup o' tea. They're a belgian band with an English singer, which was confusing at first because I didn't know that. So yeah, check them out if you like melodic punk rock with an hardcore-y edge. Something like that.

Then Cheap Girls played. Great band. I had heard Find Me A Drink Home a long time ago (put out by donation-based download label Quote Unquote records) but I don't really remember what it sounded like. But they're great. Kinda pop punk-y, cool vocals, short, fun songs. Nothing too serious I guess. I could guess wrong. Check 'em out, I think they have another album out by now.

Finally, Lemuria. Pretty stoked on seeing them. Front row. Well, that wasn't very difficult as there were only like 4 rows. Yeah, pretty disappointed by the turn-out, these bands deserve better. But Lemuria played and I didn't care. I cared for the lovely melodies, the harmonies between Alex and Sheena, and the coolness of this band. Also, Sheena is really cute, all the more while playing guitar and singing songs. As for the songs, they played about 50/50 old/new stuff, so I was pleased. The new album is really good, but I prefer the stuff from The First Collection I think. Fun show, danced a bit, sang along a bit. It feels weird though, singing along to songs like Lipstick, hah. The vocals didn't always come through too good, but I didn't care.
They have awesome merch as well, but I only bought the records because I basically have an abundance of band shirts right now.
And if I'm not mistaken Alex Kerns will put out a split 7" with Mikey Erg on Asian Man Recs, which can only result in the best split 7" since the Lemuria/Ergs! split 7".

After the show, which included an encore (Yesterday's Lunch for the second time I think, not sure what was going on right then), I drank another beer, said bye and left. Good times.

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