Death Four Life

On a quiet Thursday evening in mid-July a quiet part of a quiet city awoke. De Sojo in Leuven got ready for yet another Punk Rock Attack.

A Strength Within was up first, meaning they had to play for a small audience. A shame, yes, but that doesn't mean they didn't give their all on stage. They played a lot of new songs, some old, and a Guns Up! cover. Great set, great band, a lot of passion going on. They have a new ep out, Still Searching. Please buy it, it'll do you good.
(Check out This Ain't Noise zine #2 for an interview with them!)

The second band was Face The Fax, which was pretty funny cause they share the drummer with A Strength Within. It was the first time I saw them, weirdly enough, but I liked it. Melodic punk rock, you know the deal. Riffs, rhythms and vocals. A lot of cool harmonies. Check out their full cd and split with The Ignored.

Generation 84 gained a lot of attention as an 'all star' band since October last year or something. They played a bitchin' set of punk rock music with some of the best vocals in the belgian punk rock scene. The new songs sound really cool, and the 'old' songs do as well. Great music.

Death By Stereo headlined. I had never heard any of their music. It's like melodic hardcore. I wasn't really into it, and at first the set was kinda monotonous and boring. But as they went along, it got more interesting, the vibe struck the audience and the band played a good show. Apparently their guitarist is the best punk rock guitarist in California. Something like that. Fun show, a lot of entertainment as well.

So yeah, another great night, met some cool people, drank some beers, saw Harry Potter afterwards.
Super punk rock.

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