Black (insert word)

Thank God it's Thursday. Normally there's stupid parties at stupid places with stupid people, but this time the party was at de Rots with Black Breath. I've been there for a show with the Dangerfields and one with Kurt Baker, but apparently punk rock isn't as popular as hardcore/metal.

As I came in it was already quite crowded, which is cool of course. Saw some familiar faces, ordered a beer and watched Toxic Shock play their set. Old school, energetic, pissed off hardcore. If their singer was fatter and beardeder, they'd be a belgian Fucked Up. Anyways, great show, didn't get boring, great vibe to the songs.
They have a demo tape, buy it!

With another too expensive beer in hand, I waited for Black Haven to start. Haven't seen them since 2008/2009 I think. Last time they just brought out the Lazarus 7". Now they have a full length out, Harmbringer, but still the ol' heavy metalic sound like most band from the Flanders provinces have. Not a bad set, but it couldn't keep my attention. When they soundchecked I thought "this is heavy, probably gonna rule". But my expectations were left pretty dry.
Nevertheless a cool band with a cool sound.

Black Breath come from Seattle, played their second Europe tour show in de Rots and released an album called Heavy Breathing that you need to check out because of reasons (because it's awesome). Hardcore with black metal riffs and death metal drumming. Something like that. They pull off a unique sound very succesfully. Extremely talented guys. The lead guitarist shredded fucking fast, amazing. The drummer was giving his all as well, and the rest of the band obviously did too. Resulted in a lot of headbanging, released anger and the occasional fist in the air. Some real long songs but ultimately that didn't bother me. They played some new songs that sounded really promising, so keep an eye out for that!
Yeah, great show, they got a good response, venue was just right for this band (not for their prices) and everyone had a great time I think.


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