Say, sorry, hay

I've been neglecting my blog. I think the First Blogmandent is: Thou shalt not neglect thy blog.
Guess I failed.
I've been busy with creating a printed zine associated with This Ain't Noise. It's called This Ain't Noise zine #1. I'm pretty sure there will be a #2. God knows when.

So, let's just talk about some records I received today.
Firstly, I ordered these records at Kiss Of Death Records distro (which you can find here). It's a great label (featuring bands as Banner Pilot and O Pioneers!!!) and they offer great distributed records for great prices. Be sure to check that out.

One of the CDs I ordered was The Knockdown's "Test/Retest", part of the KOD catalogue. The Knockdown doesn't exist anymore (I think), and only released this album and a split, but they hit the right note with this one. I had forgotten about the record up until the exams of January when I started exploring my iTunes collection. I stumbled upon this again and immediately I was hooked again. Awesome album for fans of Polar Bear Club, Hot Water Music and the likes. Melodic hardcore punkrock, or something like that.
Also, now I finally now the exact lyrics to Graduation Day:
There were some rules I made before my 18th birthday.
The first rule is when I fall in love, it will be forever.
And the second rule I made is that I'd marry the right girl.
And the third rule that I made is that I'd die a rich man.
And the fourth and final rule I made is that I'd stop being afraid to live.
(This was my first interpretation. I needed those 2 words.)

Also from the catalogue, I purchased Witches With Dicks' "Manual". I've heard about them because of their bandname -of course. Hoarse-voiced dudes singing their way through short, loud pop punk/punk rock songs like Off With Their Heads or Rivethead. Melodies where needed, backings where needed, no nonsense.
Great album, definitely a strongly-advised-to-have!

Another one I got was For Science's "Revenge For Hire". I am absolutely in love with their album "Tomorrow's Just Another Day", so I'm pretty excited to have this. I guess it will grow on me up to the same level as "Tomorrow…". The opening track is fantastic, the rest just follows that. The vocals are quite peculiar but I love them. Check it if you're into pop punk, the snotty one but not the generic one (i.e. if you like the Ergs!).

The 4th disc I found in my package was I Hate Myself's "10 Songs". Classic screamo album on No Idea Records. The cd version ironically enough has 11 songs. That's just 1 more song that will tear your soul away. Incredibly emotionally, in fact, musically and vocally/lyrically. Pretty excited to blast it through a stereo, because I don't think a computer mp3 does any justice to the sound intended. Especially punkrock/hardcore/screamo sounds better in better quality through better quality speakers.

I also got the Dangerous Intersections IV 7" (including great bands as Like Bats, Rumsprnger and Barrakuda McMurder, plus the to me unknown Strait A's!) and the Barrakuda McMurder "Slow Crawl" 7", an EP I have listened to a lot in the last months of last year.
Finally I bought Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems "Memorial". There's a kinda fun story behind that. Officer Jones AHPCP were a Belgian hardcore band a couple of years ago. Mostly, I bought the record because it was priced at 2 dollars. But, I actually had owned a copy of that record before. I bought it at a show at the Genet Records distro I think. At one point I kinda stopped listening to it so I put it up for sale and I sold it (that was at a Alkaline Trio show in January 2009).
So, seeing it for sale for so few money, I gave it another shot. I'll blast this on my record player assoon as possible.

Okay, pretty lame story, I know.

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