Hardcore Sundae

Last Sunday, 3 bands from over the waters came to Gent, to play at the Frontline. Cool. I didn't know them too much.

Basement opened the evening. Or they ended the afternoon rather, they played at 5 pm. I was getting kinda into their music, but their set seemed really short. I guess that's a good thing. Cool band, they'll release a full length later this year! Something like melodic hardcore, or hardcore-ish punkrock. They didn't always play as tight, but the show was alright and I got to know another band, which is always a pleasure.

Daylight I had heard (of) before. They were awesome. Really good. Great music, played well, good musicians. Their music is of the same kind as Basement's, I think. They have 2 great EPs out which you should check out. A lot of emotion and passion in their music, I dig that. It came over to the audience, but not really succesfully. The atmosphere for the whole night was kinda "yeaaahhh…". But this band deserves a bit more. Definitely.

Hostage Calm played last. A lot of people left. I guess they weren't great, but they got me head-nodding. Punk rock. They had some good songs, they also had some less good ones. That happens, doesn't it?

I had a fun time, as always.

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