This Ain't Noise punk rock fan zine #1 is done!
It's being pressed right about now, and it will be in store tomorrow! (Then I will get it from the (copy-)store and distribute them myself, obviously!)

They are 50 eurocents a piece for an A5 20-pages black-and-white zine with my writings! Isn't that spectacular!
Includes interviews with Mixtapes and Direct Hit!, reviews, random stuff and a downloadable mixtape/-zipfile! Also lousy lay-out and inexperience! Also hopefully no typing errors!
Get siked!

You can get one from me, in Leuven in the week or Kalmthout in the weekend.
Or I can mail them to you.
Or you could hit me up at one of these shows:
25th & 26th of March at Crossbonefest, Houthalen
6th of April in Rockcafé, Leuven
19th of April in Eglantier, Berchem
23th of April at Groezrock, Meerhout

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