3 languages, total silence

So, I went to a show again yesterday. It was pretty impulsive, saw the poster on the previous show and it looked like fun. I had no idea what to expect.
So I got introduced to some quiet music. No punkrock this time. Vulnerable acoustic guitar songs, entrancing piano-enforced soundscapes and heart-crushing electric guitar compositions.

Definitely worth the 5 euros. It was a show by NachtKracht, in the Depot's former Popacademie, a last minute locational change. Really cool of these guys to put up such shows.
It was a cold place, but generally the atmosphere was cosy. Some seats, a carpet to sit on and a small, intimate podium. Everyone was in it for the music, mostly twenty-something dudes and mostly hipster-kids, and it's cool to see people coming out to get entertained without horrible techno music and druuuuuuugs.

Sooo, Love Like Birds started the jams. She has a really cool voice, vulnerable and a bit husky, sexy and touching. She has no own guitar but borrowed her sister's. She is pretty. Her songs are piercing, going straight to every inch of your body and finally her heart reaches the audience's heart, in song. I was really impressed by her music, the voice with the guitar, and by her lyrics. That's probably because I only listen to 3 singer/songwriters alike, and I am  generally easily impressed, but it definitely is worth checking out. There's also a splendid Elliott Smith cover on the myspace page.
Really cool performance, a lot of emotion, including happy songs hidden in sad songs "because [she] isn't good at writing happy songs". Really friendly gal, appreciative of her audience and so on. She gives you shivers and makes you smile. At the same time.
For fans of sad music.

Library Tapes came up next. This Swedish guy surely is doing his thing. With a laptop and a piano he created soundscapes invoking awe throughout the room. This is not my cup of tea, but for some reason he got my attention at the show. I probably wouldn't listen to any of his 8-or-so CDs more than once or twice, but live, with the atmosphere going on, seeing the guy playing his piano and arranging his music, it was quite impressive. I didn't get bored all that much so that's a good indicator. Check it!
For fans of weird music.

I was told that Rivulets would be great. So obviously, I was really psyched to see him perform. He is a man with a guitar and a voice. Beautiful. Heart-felt singing, some great lyrics, great compositions. A truly genuine type of music. This man could silence an army with his music. (Although a few might talk a bit, to which he'll sing you to "shut the fuck up"). The simplistic musical set-up is used to cross bounds and amaze with a variation of intruiging songs. I don't know if that means anything, but it's true.
He has a lot of songs up for download on his website, as well as quite a few CDs, so if you like it, support it.
For fans of sad music.

So yeah, open up your mind to some mellow music, and if you don't like it, you can always put your Ramones cd back on.

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  1. En dan vind ik dit net voor ik ga slapen. Ik ga mooi dromen :)
    Dankje, Karel!
    Ik, en mijn jongens ;), hebben er ook echt van genoten!
    Goodnight, sleeptight. I will.

    Elke (Love Like Birds)