UK Skatepunk invasion

New term, back to normal times, I can go to shows again, without worrying about other things.

So yesterday I went out to celebrate Jare's (of State Of Mine fame) birthday. The party took place in the Rock Café in Leuven. I have been to a couple shows there and always had a lot of fun. Sunday night was no exception.

As far as technical skatepunk goes, I really like This Is A Standoff (and Belvedere), Bedtime For Charlie and probably another band. I'm no expert, but there are some really good bands in the genre. To discover those, I have to go to shows because I'm internet-lazy. And Myspace sucks nowadays.

Laughing In The Face Of started off the night with a lot of good riffs and beats, reminiscing of This Is A Standoff - especially vocally. Really impressive. Maybe not the most original skatepunk band I have heard, but they are really good musicians and performers.
They also like weed. A lot.

Truro is a weird name. I don't know what it means. It doesn't matter really. The sound in the venue wasn't really great, so that may have done away with some of the impression of the live show. But overall, I wasn't all that much into this band. Descent, but they didn't stand out.

The Fair Do's, on the other hand, were really, really awesome. Great show, they got me headnodding, maybe dancing for a moment. Fast, melodic, raging. Sometimes they sounded like regular heavy metal with punk rock melodies, but it worked. Some influences from hardcore, which they use to create a distinct sound. Cool!

Each band has demos/eps out and/or albums coming out. Support them, go see a show or buy some merch.
They also all talk/sing really British English. Or "non-normal English", as I was told during the show.

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