Small castle songs

So, Mixtapes have put out 2 more songs. Yes they did. They don't stop.
There are tons of bands who deserve more attention. Mixtapes are getting huge. They're everybody's favourite band. Everybody who has heard of them and is not an idiot, that is.

They put out Castle Songs a couple of days ago. It is 1 minute and 42 seconds long. It has 2 songs. They are awesome.
1. Cause I'm A Genius
2. Hey Baby

First one is a short poppunk song with influences from ska and pizza. (It's actually a cover of the theme song of Zeke & Luther, a show I have never heard of.) It's difficult to sing along, but the lyrics are quite great. Life is awesome. I love pizza. You love pizza.
Hey Baby is a slow acoustic song. They are really good at slow acoustic songs. Really cool melodies, lyrics are tongue-in-cheek humourous, referencing Tim Burton and Strung Out.

These recordings do miss some Maura lead vocals though. But it's awesome. Check it out. Pizza is awesome.

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