best band ever.

Muncie Girls is the best band ever.

Monday 14th of July I went to Sint-Antonius, Zoersel, to attend a show at JH JoeNiz. Pretty cool place with very cool shows lately.

I arrived when Mountains To Move were ending their set. I met Niek at the entrance, then said "I'm gonna go inside, this sounds pretty good" and then they stopped playing. Oh well.

Healing Powers was ridiculously good. All short shorts, all frantic punkish screamo, all cool. Great band.

Hey Joni wasn't as good. Bassist/singer played in his boxers though, I can respect that.

Muncie Girls are LITERALLY the best band in the world. So good. Sound kinda lacked quality but ok. I love 'em. Thanks to Dean for the after-show beers.

Great Cynics was a non-stop dance ârty, which is the type of dance parties I enjoy most. They never stop. Such a fun show, great tunes, new and older, all dancy, all poppy, all rad.

After the show a bunch of things happened. I tried to play a broken guitar, someone put on the MC Karel record on the PA, I watched parts of the Great Cynics/Muncie Girls mockumentary and had a bunch of beers. The Muncie Girls remembered me as the Louis Theroux look-a-like from the last time they passed Belgium, hehe. I biked home super fast and arrived very tired.

I've been working loads lately so sorry for the lack of updates, I'll make it up to you when I move and start being a bit moe unemployed.

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