Gino's Fuckwads

There's this Belgian band called Gino's Eyeball. They're really popular. I mean, locally, and possibly in the Netherlands and France or something. Maybe even further, I don't know? Anyway, they play lots of shows and have been going for a good 13 years. They released a handful of splits and demos and one full length.
They mostly play cover songs and have fun on stage. That's what they like.

But they have this album, it's called Loose Hips Sink Ships, a nice pun at the proverb "losse lips sink ships", but with certain weight characteristics in mind. And well, it's great.
Gino's Eyeball - Loose Hips Sink Ships (Kickass Records, 2010)

1) Track Number One
2) Oh Well...
3) Fastfood Princess
4) Swing And A Miss XXXXL
5) Kournikova
6) Paris
7) My Girlfriend's Fuckin' Cool + Rad
8) Hey Guys
9) Be Honest
10) State Of Awareness
11) Maybee
12) Britney

So yeah, one full length in 13 years, that's not a path many bands walk. But I can only have respect for the path Gino's Eyeball chose. Naturally. It's their thing. Let the guys do their thing. Their thaaaaaaang.
But I think it's such a shame, cause this is one of the coolest Belgian pop punk/punk rock bands around, and it's such a good album, but at their shows they still mainly play NOFX covers like it's 2001. That's fun and all, but these songs are good and could be equally embraced with dancing and singalongs at shows.
This whole album screams 90s (it's like "NINETIES!! NINETIES!!" the whole time) and California punk rock and sun, skateboarding, girls, dancing. It's catchy throughout the whole album. Okay, Kournikova is an odd-one-out track but that's fine after a fast track like Swing And A Miss XXXXL. That latter song actually has great lyrics that I think every punk rock kid who was ever at a hardcore/metalcore show can relate to. Especially fat punk rock kids.
There's a lot of songs about girls. Mostly celebrities, like Anna Kournikova, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears. Iuxtaposed to these famous chicks are regular girls from our daily lifes, such as the Fastfood Princess, Tom's girlfiend and of course the general, always relevant and inevitable 'the girls'. Lyric-wise, it's all super straight-forward like you would expect. No metaphors, no political messages, just plain old fun. Remember fun? Yeah, me too. Those were great times, when fun was still a cool thing to have.
Musically, mostly power chords, some cool melodic parts, some standard key changes, some great ideas and a lot of punk rock. There's some experimenting with songwriting and transitions, nothing too fancy but it's interesting enough to keep up. My Girlfriend's Fuckin' Cool + Rad goes on for a freaking long time, though. Jeez. Well, long in punk rock terms, of course.
'Nyway, the disc is bound to get you swinging and if you don't watch out you'll be doing your most ridiculous dance moves. After a few listens you'll be singing along, playbacking on your own in your room using whatever as a microphone and generally having fun. There's that word again. Fun. Weird.

Anyway, great album, I was just listening to this and thought I should write something about it cause it's pretty cool.

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