Platte lijners

Before I forget, let's talk about how cool the Flatliners show on Tuesday was. Oh, you were there? Nothing to say then, you would know first hand. You weren't? Well, I'll give you some clues on how it was.

Bamboo Avenue was a ska band, they opened the night. I guess the Flatliners have some heavy ska influences so it made sense, but I wasn't in the mood, maaaannnnn. It was good, but ska is ska to me nowadays and it doesn't do much unless it's spiked up with punk or some kind of -core like the Flatliners do or bands like Farse, Arrogant Sons Of Bitches, ... Okay to get going, though.

Face The Fax. Well, I have to say: wow. Every show I see of these guys I get into it more and more and this show in particular was a blast! One of the best shows I've seen them play. They got a lot of reactions. I'm even starting to sing along and dance along myself, even though they use more than 3 chords/song. Whoa! Seriously though, this band rules and punk rock rules also.

The Flatliners came about. They ripped the place apart. Half of the (sold out!) venue was dancing around, caring about punkrock and having a really great time. It was really fun to witness and participate in having a great time, even though my knowledge of the Flatliners' back catalogue is restricted to their first album and their best song (Open Hearts And Bloody Grins), of which they played little. But I sang along to songs I didn't know anyways, cause that's how I roll. It was a punk rock party supreme in there, and the punk rock was provided by these nice Canadians! They rocked everyone's ass off. Not literally. Figuratively.

Also heavy drinking!

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