Hey! Hey! Hey you! Listen up!

I've made a new (slightly improved) zine! It's full of letters and images and stuff!
Check it out!

This Ain't Noise #6

- interviews with Mikey Erg, the Respirators, the Helltons
- all kinds of reviews of records
- rants
- a (vegan) recipe for the punx
- online mixtape with music featured in the zine
- other stuff that will make you go 'oh yeah, totally!' or 'OHMYGOD HAHAHA YEAH' or maybe 'hmmm, perhaps' or possibly 'what kind of bullcrap is this?'

Buy it please!
Same price as always, 50 cents for 20 A5-format black/white pages.
Available from me:
- talk to me at shows
- message me on facebook
- mail me at thisaintnoise@gmail.com
- order from thisaintnoise.bigcartel.com
- find other ways to contact me

Upcoming shows:
17/07: Flatliners (Sojo, Leuven)
29/07: Municipal Waste (JH Comma, Brugge)
10-11-12/08: Ieperfest (festival site, Ieper)

There's still some copies of #4 and #5 too, and I have 2 (two!) copies of #3 left, so if you want that, act quickly.

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