I bought a record once...

Hey there. Number 2 in the series. This time it's a compact disc!

 Mr. T Experience - Yesterday Rules (Lookout records, 2004)

1. She's Not A Flower
2. Fucked Up On Life
3. Oh, Just Have Some Faith In Me
4. Big, Strange, Beautiful Hammer
5. Sorry For Freaking Out On The Phone Last Night
 6. The Boyfriend Box
7. London
8. Elizabeth Or Fight!
9. Everybody Knows You're Crying
10. Jill
11. Shining
12. Institutionalized Misogyny
13. Take All The Time You Need

This is, to date, the last album by the Mr. T Experience, or MTX for the friends. While I wasn't that big on Alcatraz, I did start to heavily like Yesterday Rules about, like, a year ago. It's good stuff.
I bought this at Bilbo Antwerpen. That store doesn't exist anymore. It used to have, I think, 4 stores: in Antwerpen, Leuven, Gent and  Brugge. Nowadays only the store in Leuven is still active. Sad story.
Anyways, you know how all those stores have a "heavy" section? They have all kinds of labels, "hard & heavy" "punk/metal", ... I don't remember what it was called in Bilbo, but it was the fursthest corner from the entrance where those records were hidden. Typical. I got really excited when I found an MTX cd there, cause, y'know, how many times do you find an MTX album in a regular record store? Not often. Lookout! records is not really a popular label, huh. So I bought that, along with another record, possibly The Vandals' Peace Thru Vandalism.I don't remember perfectly.
At first it was just cool to have an MTX record. I had the vinyl for Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You but other than that I didn't listen too much MTX. Yesterday Rules has been a backburner record for quite a long time, but now it's become on eof my regular spinners. I love the Dr. Frank-ness of this record. There's some of his solo songs on it and there are a few slower, quiter songs like Jill and Institutionalized Misogyny that I really dig. And his voice is oh so recognizable.
It's a punk rock album, though, no doubt about that. It's catchy in its entirety. But as I've experienced with a few other MTX records, it doesn't click on the first play. It's not musically complex but there's a quality to the songs that carry the band away from standard pop punk.

Anyway, great record, bought about 4 years ago I think in a store that doesn't exist anymore. I'm getting old.

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