Sojos and Sounds

Whoa, totally forgot to write something about this pretty cool show last Saturday.
Sights And Sounds toured with Constants and dropped by at the Sojo club in Leuven.

I arrived when Musth was about halfway into their set. Musth is bad-ass. Actually probably the best band of the night, to my taste. They play post-metal, sludge, kinda heavy stuff. I don't know what to call it, doesn't matter. They're groovy, they're loud, vocals are amazing and they sure know how to write a great song ánd to create an interesting soundscape with it. Buy their album Padjelanta. I didn't cause I had spent all my money already, bummer-ish. Next time!

Then Constants came up. They performed a show with the help of samples. Pretty weird. They weren't half bad. They were, though, half good. Half of their set was interesting and good, the rest kinda dragged and became boring pretty quick. I don't like to say such things because I tend to respect every band that makes an effort of creating original music and going out touring and working to get it out and I tend to support them by seeing their performances (while a lot of people apparently went out smoking or something), but it just wasn't my cup o' tea. So yeah, semi-experimental semi-metal, not bad, not amazing. Good guys.

Headliner was Sights And Sounds, who feature Comeback Kid's singer. I'm no Comeback Kid fan in any way actually, so that didn't do much for me. I didn't even like his voice at the start. Further on it blended more into the music and I got used to it. I guess he has a great voice cause he's a singer, but "gustibus and coloribus...", right? Totally. Musically, really good. It's not specifically bound to a genre. It's like indie rock but heavier, or post-metal-something but smoothed down. Cool show, cool dudes.

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