"punk rock rules, wijven sucks"

Thursday night is a night to go out, have a drink and generally enjoy yourself. And so I did. It all started with some fine punk rock. Punk rock is inherently a good time.
Rock Café was the place to have been.

I arrived a little bit into F.O.D.'s set, but ultimately I caught most of it I think. Coolness! Really dig these guys, good tunes, good show, solid skills, great energy and a fun sound. Some cover songs, like Frenzal Rhomb, Blink 182 and another one I guess. Their own jams were pretty damn good as well. The guys are on a roll, playing a lot of shows lately and I'm stoked I finally got to see one. Whoo!

Next band was the Slovenian band Real Life Version. As usual I had no idea what to expect other than "punkmuziek" and as usual I was like like "whoa, this is really good". And it was really good. Vocals didn't pull through entirely but I really dug this band. Fast riffs, nice melodies, pure punkrock. I totally forgot to buy a cd but I think it's a really good one! The second Slovenian band I saw in my life I think (the other one was Soey) but I'm thinking there's a good vibe in the Slovenian air.

Now here's a tip, for all of you: Go to shows. Support rdr-bookings.

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