Vagina in this place

Yesterday was Cut Here!'s last show. I attended 2/3rds of it. What a shame, cause the other 3rd was bound to be really good, and so it was apparently. Anyway, I'll stop crying over that, I saw 4 bands and hung out quite good.

First up was King Terror. Not really my thing. It wasn't bad and they had interesting songs, to say the least, but the masks and the pretty extreme statements and all are not what I look for in bands. But if you like music that is faster than the fastest music you know, chekc out this band. Members of Vuur, I have heard. So, for the fans...

Next up were the PDS with a fast set, cause otherwise they wouldn't fit in the bill for being too poppy perhaps. Anyway, I really like this band and was stoked to hear some songs they don't always play so hooray for Fokkie, Hey Boermans, and the Dwarves' "Let's Fuck" among others. Great set. I fell down and hurt my leg. Boo hoo.

Then Scheisse Minelli was on stage. I'd never seen or heard them but boy, they're great! 80's stuff, hardcore punk, and they put on a cool show. Nothing else to say, cool band!

Lastly I saw Cut Here! playing their final show. Great show. I recall a Minor Threat cover and a Circle Jerks cover and of course their own songs. They were a good band, go download their EP on slambrigade.be and, I don't know, maybe give it a listen. It's okay.

I missed Reproach and Sunpower, which is a major bummer.

I just barely caught my last train. I had to run like hell. Man, that sucked. Fuck my life, right?

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