The Saddest Skeletons

Whoa. It's been a damn while since I went to a show, but Monday brought me relief because there were bands playing in Kavka. Bands who interested me. Score!

First, Midnight Souls played. I like the Midnight Souls. It's been a hella long time since I've seen them, though, maybe even since the release of Colder... I'm not sure, but it's been long. So I aspired an interesting show and whuddayanow, they still deliver. More than ever, actually. They're playing tighter, better, more passionate than ever before. The old songs sound crisp and piercing, but the new songs, man, the new songs were quite the dealio. Blew me away. Made me go all "what just happened?" and thinking "wow". Superstoked for Going Through The Motions, their next release, coming out on March 10. Go to 't verschil on that date, it's gonna be a blast!

Next, Hessian. I've wanted to see them for a while now. They feature Black Haven/Kingdom/Losing Streak members and they're raising the bar in the Belgian punk hardcore scene. Just incredibly overwhelming. Elements of hardcore, obviously, but combined with crust, metal and drenched in an entire atmosphere of satanic rage. The adjective 'fast' is definitely adequate, 'talented' as well, and also 'pissed off'. They ripped it for sure. They have a record out, you should probably buy it. Don't miss out!

Then the headlining bands. First were We Were Skeletons. I don't think they really were skeletons, but that's okay. They played chaotic screamo-like music. It was good. Didn't quite struck me, but it was undeniably good. Bass player's voice was ruined though, so he didn't sing apparently. They had some really great melodies and I've enjoyed them.

Then The Saddest Landscape. They said something about exchanging energy with the crowd, something I totally agree with, but their music didn't seem all too fit for dancing and I hadn't heard a second of it so I didn't even know what I was up to. It was great though, they performed a great show, got into it, sang songs, played them as well and sometimes the singer would get all crazy and that was nice cause sometimes that's what happens. Great show, but again it didn't quite struck me.
You should check out these bands though, they have some records and even a split with eachother! And they're great guys I reckon.

Other than that: the bands weren't really microphone-friendly, it seemed, haha. Mic got discorded at the first Souls song, smashed several times during Hessian and the mic stand got messed up during the Saddest Landscape. Geez.

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