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I've just put on Collapser by Banner Pilot. Weirdly enough my volume went up a notch. Really weird.

Fat Wreck Chords, 2009
1) Central Standard
2) Pensacola
3) Greenwood
4) Starting At The Ending
5) Skeleton Key
6) Northern Skyline
7) Drains To The Mississippi
8) Farewell To Iron Bastards
9) Empty Lot
10) Hold Me Up
11) Losing Daylight
12) Write It Down

Banner Pilot is a band with past members of Rivethead, so it's basically the same style. Fierce, fast, edgy pop punk with hoarse vocals and some harmonies.
Collapser is their last output and their best. Fo sho.

Why is this album so good? Well, I'll tell you: because I like it. Yup, simple as that. More proof? Well, here it goes: there are other people who like this album. Still not convinced? Well, get this: you will like it as well. Yes.
I could drop adjectives like catchy, melodic, refined, upbeat, awesome and what-not, but admittedly I've used those terms way too much (I will still use them in the future though, because it's difficult to be original). So basically I just want you to experience the power and might that is Banner Pilot. For example, take a look at this:
Central Standard - Skeleton Key
Pretty ass-kicking, isn't it? Everyone who was there can back me up on that. I'm sure all their shows are great.

Anyway, this album is motherfucking good, There are the fan favorites like Central Standard and Skeleton Key, but the whole thing is a coherent blast of punk rock goodness. Some specific aspects to this album are for instance the amazing bass parts and the vocal tone that's somewhere between misery and hope. Lyrics are often incomprehensible but with the sheet at your side you'll love them. The parts that are clear are anthematic and make you sing/scream along in no time (which, technically, is zero seconds, but hey, I'm not technically skilled). However, the Banner Pilot guys (BP for short, they made some hilarious merch about that) are technically skilled and can elevate simple songs into interesting pieces of melodic and rhythmic epics. Especially in Write It Down, that outro is sick; same for Northern Skyline; the strumming in the second verse of Skeleton Key; the lightning-fast bass loop in Hold Me Up.
Furthermore, great production and musical balance, it brings out the best in this band and album.
All of the streetlights are broken tonight.

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