Hearts once nourished…

I can't even remember the last time I listened to Shai Hulud. It must've been 3 years, maybe even more. What I most profoundly remember is their cover of Bad Religion's Anesthesia, and their That Within Blood Ill-Tempered album. Well, sort of.
So, after missing out on them at Groezrock this year, I wanted to check it out. Shit was going down at Metteko in Mechelen. Sunday night show.
(I should have been studying, yeah.)

Dead End Sin played first. Surprisingly, but positively surprising, there already were a shitload of people indoors. At the start of the first band! How cool is that! So I put myself in a corner with a good view. This band is pretty straight-forward. Yet, if they would cut the breakdown-thingies, loose the tough guy attitude, do something constructive with the dual vocals and tune the guitar to regular tuning, this would be a fine band. Sadly enough I don't dig beatdown stuff (I don't know if it really is "beatdown stuff") like this with obligatory bad breakdowns to mosh as hard as possibly can. The last song was kinda good, it was more of a hardcorepunk song but played sillily (I don't think sillily is a word). Music-wise pretty decent, don't like the vocals. To each his own, right?
But yeah, they're cool kids doing their thing. Check 'em out if you like to mosh sillily.

A Strength Within played next. I hadn't seen this band in a while, so I was pretty excited about their show. Great guys. Great music. Evolved a lot. Actually they changed. Yes, they've changed. They're furious, passionate and play some rocking hardcore. Got quite a bit of response, something they truly deserve.The new songs sound really awesome, go pre-order the 7" right now guys! (http://www.perspectivehc.com/) A genuine band with genuine ideas and energetic live shows. More pissed off than ever.
They have never lost sight, but they're still searching. (Does that make sense? It probably doesn't.)

I interviewed the guys from ASW after the show, which will be part of This Ain't Noise zine #2, coming out this summer. Like, in 2 or 3 weeks actually. Get excited!
Or just read on…

Shai Hulud took the stage and I actually had no expectations whatsoever. How could I, I could barely remember what they sound like. Apparently they're fucking awesome. Just so you know. I was really into it. Great melodies. Sometimes it didn't feel original anymore because the songs began the sound the same despite the melodic aspect. Or maybe because of an over-exploitation of melodies. Anyway, great show, tight playing, good response and they made me smile (as in: "happy, delighted") various times, just because they were there and I was there. Gotta love shows, right? They played a lot of songs, none of which I could sing along to but nevermind. The band was really into it, they were even singing along to their own songs, which is pretty cool. They sing about taking your hate and use it to make change. I can learn something from that.
And with the words "I hope I didn't break that thing" they ended the set.

I met the singer (Mike) at the merch stand and we both agreed Something To Write Home About is the best Get Up Kids album. I was glad he said that. I like people who like the Get Up Kids.
Then, I wanted to buy a CD and suddenly bought all four of them. Oh, just my luck! I bought "the classic", "the demo", "his favourite" and "the best one". I hope they're good.

Okay, here's the dealio. I was convinced that Deez Nuts was strictly tough guy-hardcore beatdown stuff. And you know what? They kinda are. But, and this is an important 'but', they're more of a party band than anything else. And that I can appreciate. Also, Wikipedia tells me this is basically a one-man-project, with live support members. That's pretty kickass. Vocals are simple rap rhymes backed by gang vocals every once in a while. So yeah, not my favorite band (unlike for many of the attendants - Deez Nuts got massive crowd response), but they're not as bad as I originally thought.
Let this be a lesson: keep away from prejudices and go to locals shows, party along and support the scene. Go to stuff, buy stuff, organise stuff, say hi to stuff.
Write stuff.

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