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Do you know this booker/label/other stuff-doer Flood? Well, he did a showcase for his label this past Sunday and lotsa bands played and stuff. There was vegan food and lotsa beers so I was quite pleased/pissed. Plissed, if you will. Great Sunday.

When I arrived, Old Ivy was playing. They were alright. I remember hearing the lyric It's uncomfortable to be myself so I'll just keep pretending to be someone else and thinking 'oh god'. But yeah, it was pretty cool, young band, interesting.

Next up on the plate were Depths. With a period. I don't know why. Anyway, more hip 'core, cool I guess.

I think Cavalcades played next but I can't really remember. I might not have seen them.

I did see Rainmaker and I thought they were amazing but I don't know why. Swedish dark and heavy hardcore band, 2 vocalists, really cool. But why, don't ask me why.

I basically went there to see Nai Harvest on their tour, and they did a quick but great show. I'm not familiar yet with their new material, but it sounded more chord-y and really cool. The few old songs they played hit the spot as well. Talked to Ben later that evening, he's a really nice dude.

Then, I think, Disembarked, who I can't remember so probably I haven't seen them perform. That makes sense.

I did see Crows An Wra. Not really tight. Musically it was more up my sleeve than most of the bands playing but it sounded slow and sloppy. Might have something to do with the fact it was their last day of tour and they were probably tired. I told them what I thought at the merch table and they agreed, so that means my opinion is worth something maybe perhaps probably not.

Speaking of merch, here's some rekerdz I bought: Nai Harvest "Whatever", Jackals "Everyday Fabric", Blacklisted "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God", Lich/Man Hands split, Let It Die "Let It Die" and the new Drug Church 7". Whoo!

I don't think I saw Continents. (yes, with a period) play. I did see Perceptions for a couple minutes. Can't remember Reason To Care, but also can't deny I saw 'em. Don't think so.

It gets pretty confusing for a dude like me who's used to simple, recognizable songs by bands who have simple bandnames that don't all sound alike. What would happen if all pop punk bands started to call themselves The Perceptions, The Continents, The Cavalcades, The Depths, etc. I wouldn't see the forest through the trees anymore.

Anyway, I missed the Homeless due to train schedules, but they were releaseing their new record and I think it's probably good or something. Maybe you wanna check it out.

I had a fun time, saw some frandz, had a lot of drinks, saw some awful people as well.

Also, someone at the shows tracked me down on the internet and contacted me which was cool but got really annoying really quick.
Here's a hint: don't be nice to people, it sucks and people generally suck as well.

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