We are the Copyrights, We are the Murderburgers, We are the Arteries

We are the Cashiers.
We are Delivery Boys.

Apparently I haven't blogged on what was the coolest show in a while. So here it is.

Imagine being a teenager, finding out about pop punk music. All sorts of bands. It's the coolest thing you've ever heard. And then... Remember MySpace? Well, it was on MySpace that I first heard the Copyrights. I clicked the play button and I heard a noise and suddenly I THOUGHT I'D NEVER EVER FIND HER, I THOUGHT SHE DIDN'T EXIST. I THOUGHT I'D NEVER EVER FIND HER, SHE TURNS IT, SHE TURNS IT UP.
Hooked. It was the best song I had ever heard. So loud, so fast and so catchy.
Other songs up on the MySpace were Weapons Of Math Destruction, Stuck In Springtime and maybe Kids Of The Black Hole. Not sure of the last one, though. Man, I played the shit out of that MySpace page.
They were a sort of gateway band to the music I now dearly love.
Some time later they announced a euro tour and I spent 4 months being siked to see 'em and I saw 'em and it was one of the best nights of my life. The played the Priceduifkes release for She Spells Disaster, Zatopeks and Murderburgers were also playing. Awesome.

Now I'm an adult. No wait, now I'm a 20-year-old teenager and I got to see the Copyrights at Groezrock, on a big-ass stage. And it still ruled the fuck out of everything else, despite the shitty sound.
Then I had exactly 4 days (rather than 4 months) to be siked for the next show, which is the one I really want to talk about.

This dude Lenny set up a 'secret show'. Relatively secret, yes. Because the Copyrights played Groezrock, I guess they weren't supposed to do another Belgian show (cause festivals work like that), but thanks to punk rock ethics it worked out fine, ending in a show in the chiro of Joeng Leive in Nijlen. Awesome.

After eating a big-ass friet, we arrived there pretty early. Some people were muurkeklopping, cool. After a while more people started showing up, and the place was supposed to be packed. I think less people showed up than expected, which is weird for one of the coolest line-ups/shows around, but anyway.
The Arteries were up first. Really cool band, but I can't really get into the vocal part. Kind of squeeky and I don't like that. But their set was great. Tight, on-the-spot, energetic and loud. Thank God I had my earplugs.

The Murderburgers are on tour with the Copyright dudes so they got to play next. I think it was just Fraser actually, I didn't recognize the bass player or the drummer. Not sure. Anyway, they played fast. Holy smokes, did they play fast. You know how they normally play fast? Well, imagine they played even faster. And they played faster than what you're imagining now. The show was basically Fraser yelling an incomprehensible song title followed by a shredding song with a fluttering stream of lyrics. Shit was off the hook. Awesome show, also: Braindead!

Lastly, the Copyrights. I felt the same way as I did a couple years ago in the Kroenkel, eagerly awaiting to sing along to some of my all-time favourite tunes. Started with Shit's Fucked, and well, shit was fucked. People went nuts and I remembered why I fell in love with them to begin with. Catchy riffs, strong songs, huge singalong stuff, anthematic choruses, and the motherfucking harmonies. Man, the harmonies. Beautiful. Anyway, they played a whole bunch of songs, all really good. No really old songs, but a nice mix of past and present. I was pleased as fuck, dancing as fuck, happy as fuck. They played an encore of 2 songs I think, the last one being Sleepwalker. Awesome.

"Tell me something new."

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