That's what I've got

Mijn muzikale aanwinsten van mei 2009 zijn best wel noemenswaardig, me dunkt.

The Copyrights - Button Smasher (+ CD)
The Copyrights/Zatopeks - Handclaps & Bottlecaps
The Dopamines/Till Plains - Split
The Favorats - Destination Outta Space
J Church - She Has No Control
Kepi Ghoulie & Jerry Hormone - The Lives & Loves Of
The Manges - Mandy
New Bomb Turks - (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling (pic disc)
Peawees - Bleeding For You
The Popsters - The Scene
The Popsters - Two Minutes
The Ratcliffs - Junkyard Barbecue
Retarded - Gambling On Rock
Tenement - Ice Pick

The Apers - Buzz Electric
The Copyrights - We Didn't Come Here To Die (pic disc)
A Radio With Guts - Beat Heart Sweat Stereo
The Veterans - The Veterans

The Apers - The Apers
The Bat Bites - Creatures Of The Night
Capguns 'N' Coke - Just Another Day EP
Capguns 'N' Coke/The Grizzley Ends - Split
The Carry Outs - Demo 2009
The Ergs! - Dorkrockcorkrod
The Ergs! - Hindsight Is 20/20, My Friend
The Ergs! - Jersey's Best Prancers
Even In Blackouts - Myths & Imaginary Magicians
Groovie Ghoulies - 99 Lives
Groovie Ghoulies - Go! Stories
Mr. T Experience - Alcatraz
Peawees - Walking The Walk
The Popsters - Everything I Want
The Popsters/Dirt Bike Annie - Split
Travoltas/The Plus Ones - Going Dutch EP
Travoltas/Stinking Polecats - Split EP
The Unlovables - Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak
V/A - The Apers Tribute: The Punkrock Don't Stop!
V/A - The Apers Tribute: Do The Aper!
V/A - The European Pop Punk Virus Vol. 1
V/A - The European Pop Punk Virus Vol. 2
V/A - Live Fast Die! Part Deux
V/A - Lookout! Freakout Compilation 2000
(Voor meer…)

Momenteel al heel den avond naar Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak (The Unlovables) aan 't luisteren, zo'n ongelooflijke goed album! Soort conceptalbum: 4 nummers over de crush, 5 nummers over de boyfriend en 4 nummers over den heartbreak.
Met Mikey Erg van The Ergs! op drums! En vrouwelijke vocals! Sexxxxxxy!
Aanrader! De rest ook trouwens!

Ook aan te raden: de nieuwe Copyrights/Dopamines split. Still catchy, still awesome.

Song stuck in mind: Do Watcha Wanna (Not Whatcha Gotta) door Dirt Bike Annie.

"Till death do us party!"

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